Cristian E. Navarrete


I am fluently bi-lingual. I have a deep-seated passion for enterprise technology. I'm an Experienced Implementation Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Windows environments, Cisco IOS, Technical Support, Linux System Administration, and Databases. Strong information technology professional with a Associate's degree focused in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications from Miami Dade College. I've worked in tier 1 support, to tier 3 engineering. I've had the pleasure to experience different settings, from field offices, small business, and datacenter environments. I've also had the privilege to assist local government offices to ensure their technology is functioning as intended. In my free time I enjoy tinkering with hardware and software within my homelab, an enclosed rack with Cisco routers, switches, and other enterprise equipment, such as brocade and aruba/HPE, also VOIP platforms and servers where I can host services and run virtual environments. I automate processes through my scripting on both windows, and linux. I enjoy destressing by means of playing guitar or outdoor activities such as paintballing, kayaking and offroading at JW Corbett, Ocala Forest and Everglades. I hope to one day drive through MOAB.

Work Experience

January 2018 – Present
Voice & Network Engineer - Operations
"Ensuring VOIP function efficiently using our UCcaaS platform. Oversee and maintain telecommunication infrastructure and related operations including telephony, network applications, security, video conferencing and management systems. Responsible for designing, installing and maintaining digital communication networks within an organization. Monitoring, establishing wireless networks, developing networks and ensuring confidentiality and reliability for communications."
  • Work remotely as part of a 4 man team, we implement large scale PBX environments that cater to the needs of our customers, we've worked with small businesses, large business, banks and governing buildings such as LE Offices, dispatches, and city halls.
  • Migrating large on-premise sites to cloud based CcaaS models while efficiently cutting services over effectively mitigating downtime
  • Collaborating with local IT teams to ensure communication is working as specified. Maintain operations of the company, back ups, network, and communication.
  • During lock our main goal was to ensure businesses remained open and operational during covid, promptly moving thousands of users to a work from home environment.
  • Skills: Virtualization · HTML · System Administration · U/CcaaS · Red Hat Linux · CentOS · Server · Windows Server · Cisco · HP Equipment · Fiber · PRI · Cisco CM · IPSEC · Routers · SSH · Voice Over IP · SIP · H323 · Packet Capturing/Tracing · Technical Support · Troubleshooting
March 2016 – January 2018
Avaya Implementation Specialist
" I designed and maintained Avaya on premise PBX devices for small to large businesses throughout Florida. Worked with local IT teams to configure and maintain telephony access to the site(s)."
  • Administered multi-site, large scale, international PBX systems, ensuring communications are reliable.
  • Implemented intelligent call routing via IVR and scheduling call back through respected trunks and local services to ensure cost effective communication
  • Worked diligently with software providers to ensure customers needs are met
  • Skills: HTML · Linux System Administration · Red Hat Linux · CentOS · Server Administration · Windows Server · Cisco IOS · Routers · SSH · Hardware Support · Technical Support · Troubleshooting.
November 2012 – Present
Enterprise Technologies Consultant
"As a Datacenter Technician & Technologies consultant, I Design, Implement and Maintain infrastructure that is colocated within the South Florida Area. My duties are Racking, Installalation and Troubleshooting. offering 24/7 Remote hands support at any of these locations: CoreSite, Equinox - formerly Switch and Data, Miami Connect, Terremark - formerly TerreNAP, Miami Data Vault (MDV) Digital Realty."
  • I work hand in hand with IT teams of various companies to ensure maintenance and scalability of their environments
  • Skills: HTML · Linux System Administration · Red Hat Linux · CentOS · Server Administration · Windows Server · Cisco IOS · Routers · SSH · Hardware Support · Technical Support · Troubleshooting.
June 2015 – March 2016
Operations / Technical Support
"Azulle is a leading manufacturer of mini PCs and mini PC sticks, dedicated to developing and introducing practical innovation for homes and businesses. The company has a proven history of Amazon Best Sellers."
  • Inspected and maintained IT services within the building as well as public facing, managed back ups, IT operations, such as network and servers, updates, website, and technical communications with our manufacturer
  • Provided day to day technical support for users that use our SSF devices, along side creating how-to's for any issues that may be found while using the equipment. I assisted in the web development and maintenance of our website and forums.
January 2009 – November 2012
Datacenter Technician
"At webhosting I ensured that equipment was working as intended, constant maintenance for our server farms in the datacenter and our customers who might have also colocated their equipment. I administrated windows servers, along side routine software maintenance for GNU/Linux servers. I racked and installed equipment, from simple equipment at colocation sites, to enterprise core routers, distribution layers and other edge devices in our the TerreMark location, formerly TerreNAP."
  • Technician, installer, windows and Linux maintainer, VoIP systems management, domain and collocation support.


  • 2023 Curr

    Team Tree House


    Full Stack Development

  • 2014

    Miami Dade College

    Networking and Telecommunications

    Associates Computer Science

  • 2007

    Miami Dade College

    Networking and Telecommunications - Unfortunately my time here was cut short due to cancer.

    Associates Computer Science

  • 2005

    Miami Lakes Educational Center

    Computer Science, Programming – C++, Databasing – SQL, Networking Fundamentals – Cisco

    Computer Science


Desktop Environments
GNU/Linux-RedHat, CentOS, Fedora Kali Linux GNU/Linux-Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse macOS Windows7/8/10/11 BSD
VMWare Red Hat Virtualization AWS Azure Citrix ProxMox
Debian RHEL Fedora CoreOS Ubuntu Server CentOS Docker Podman Windows Server Kubernetes
CLI / Tools
Wireshark iperf AirCrack-NG snort senzing VM nmap npm docker docker-compose
Security WAN/LAN Voice Over IP POE hardware Security Cameras Access Points Hardware Ubiquiti Management Administration Fortigate SonicWall WatchGuard Switching/Routing Pf/Opnsense
Cisco CM Asterisk Ring Central Avaya Aura Avaya IP500 Application Server Xima Software Mitel Definity MUX/DEMUX CallFlow/IVR ICR/Inbound Call Routing Analog SIP/URI Unified/Contact Center *U/CcaaS PRI Telco Block 66 Skyswitch Unity
Key Knowledge Areas
Automation Compatibility Optimization Best Practices Network IDS Traffic Analysis Hardware Requirements